At Oborne Contracting Inc. we understand that home remodeling is a great way to reinvent your home and make it truly unique to you and your family. It is also a great investment that rewards you by increasing the property value when you and your family have out grown it. Put our experience, quality and workmanship to the test and join our growing list of satisfied clients.

Design and Build

Using Oborne Contracting Inc. as your one source for design and build services allows you to take advantage of our architects, engineers and designers working in unison. This will undoubtedly help to bring the initial project plan to the construction phase quicker, thus allowing you to complete your home remodeling project on schedule. Questions arise and can be quickly answered as the communication within the Oborne Contracting Inc. team happens more efficiently speeding up the solution process. The design and build teams acute attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship allow Oborne Contracting Inc. to produce exceptional and exciting home remodeling results for our clients.


If you have a beautiful home in a great location but need more space, consult with Oborne Contracting Inc. to design and build your home addition. Increasing the livable and usable space within your home not only benefits your family with more space, but also increases your home’s value and enhances its appearance. Oborne Contracting Inc. specializes in building high quality seamless additions and home alterations uniquely designed for your home. Let our team of experienced professionals and quality workmanship save you time and money in completing your home addition project the right way the first time.


Oborne Contracting Inc. understands that home restoration is a delicate balance of preserving natural architectural elements of your home while integrating modern design and materials. Whether we are restoring the interior or exterior of your home, our goal is to enhance the comfort level and beauty while maximizing the functionality and appearance of your home.


Our design and construction team will work with you to design a traditional, contemporary or modern kitchen. At Oborne Contracting Inc. we believe that you should not have to sacrifice a functional and ergonomic kitchen design for aesthetics. We provide solutions that give you a combination of both. Having a kitchen completed by Oborne Contracting Inc. allows you to take advantage of our experience and high level of attention. Our objective is to build a kitchen uniquely designed for your home that will provide many years of enjoyment.


Creative design, outstanding craftsmanship and high quality materials are the principals that we use to design and build every bathroom. At Oborne Contracting Inc. we specialize in taking the time to understand your needs and ideas to ensure that we construct a bathroom to handle the everyday rigors of your household. If you are considering building a luxurious en suite or remodeling an existing bathroom, trust us to design and build the bathroom of your dreams.

Basement Renovation

The basement of your home can be a difficult area to remodel or renovate, but choosing to have the lower level of your home renovated will increase your homes usable area by 25% - 35%. Rest assured that we can lower your basement if needed. Take advantage of the extra space as well as increasing the value of your investment. Let Oborne Contracting Inc. renovate your basement to be functional and stylish, while improving your homes value, look and feel.

Custom Cabinetry & Millwork

At Oborne Contracting Inc. we offer clients custom millwork to make their homes more distinguished and unique in character. We build and create truly unique bathroom cabinets, entertainment units, shelving and custom closets. If you are looking to remodel, allow us to customize your storage areas or make better use of the recessed walls, nooks or alcoves of your home. Incorporating custom millwork into your remodeling or renovation projects allows us to enhance the existing architecture of your home while adding a luxurious look to any room.

Exterior Finishings & Landscaping

At Oborne Contracting Inc. Our knowledge and attention to detail extends from the interior of your home to the exterior. Whether it is garden structures, front porches, decks and fences or your new pool gazebo we can build an exterior space that you can enjoy year round that will add to the appeal and value of your home.